Amy Lynne Hayes The Global Creator

A Letter from the Founder

I remember that feeling… the one before my first big international venture. The thoughts I had, wondering what it would be like once I got there. Would the sky still be the same shade of blue? The smells like they are at home? Would anything be familiar at all?

Little did I know, at age 20, that this flight to London would be the first of many as I uncovered a passion for trading my domestic everyday for that of the foreign. I would one day thrive off of being dropped into the unfamiliar, and learn to confidently navigate my way into the fabric of a local culture. I’m sure many of us who have been bitten by this bug can relate.

During this first trip –  part of a spring break theatre study abroad – I would stay in a hotel a few streets down from what would be my future apartment, exploring parts of London which I would one day call my backyard. Though I didn’t recognize it then, this first taste would instill in me an insatiable hunger for more. And a decade of traipsing around the world would ensue.

My path wasn’t always planned out perfectly. More of often than not it was a result of happy coincidence, or heartbreaking circumstance. My visa ended for England, and then was rejected in France after three years living in Paris. I wound up in Melbourne, Australia, following an invite so fortuitously extended while sailing the Greek islands… a direct result of clicking on a spam email and daring to say yes. I’ve pushed boundaries and extended my comfort zone, and ultimately returned home to Florida with a different perspective, and more than a few stories to share.

In the eight years I spent back and forth between the States and overseas, I forged for myself an identity as a global citizen. I was an active participant on the world stage, no matter how small my personal platform may have been. It was something I was loath to abandon upon my return home in 2013.

Now, almost three years to the day since I stepped off the plane from New Zealand, my last attempt at international living, I launch The Global Creator. Born out of a desire to maintain that global citizen status, my intention is for this platform to be not only an online store, but rather a travel lifestyle brand driven by a community of individuals who share a passion for experiencing this world on a deeper, more conscious level.

The goods curated are more than retail items – they’re pieces that have been carefully selected to support that identity. The destination collections, rolling out early next year, are chosen for their connection to both story and place. The underlying intention is to shop locally, globally, and fill our homes and personal style with items that resonate.

They say that behind every destination lies a journey. We at The Global Creator believe this, and certainly hope that you’ll join us on ours.

To a life well lived,

Amy Lynne Hayes

Founder, The Global Creator

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