London: A Global Creator Community Pop-Up

January has been a month of firsts for us at The Global Creator. We announced England as our first destination collection. And we hosted our first Global Creator community event – the first of many to come in the year ahead.

It was a bright, chilly Wednesday morning when our group gathered at The Jones Family Project in London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood. There were six of us there, a mix of old friends, new contacts, and those with whom we had connections we didn’t even realize. We met, and spent the next two hours sharing ideas and finding those points in common that turn a group of mostly strangers into the start of a community.

Global Creator pop up

There was a wonderful sense of collaboration, partly due to the composition of the group, and partly from the one bigger thing we all had in common: creativity. Each of those there is an artist, designer, or maker of some kind, and each is a member of the very first Global Creator England collection, set to launch soon.

Here at The Global Creator, we celebrate the small things. The independent makers, the family-owned businesses, the single man (or woman)-run shows that don’t rely on huge teams to get through the day to day. We named connection as our word for 2017, and this event was our first effort at peeling back the screen to meet more people in real life, and putting a real face to the email address or social media handle.

Global Creator pop up

Global Creator pop up

We chose The Jones Family Project as our first partner in this initiative because they too are independently owned, and share our passion for supporting other small businesses. We worked directly with Anna Watts, one of the owners, in selecting a space, and creating a custom menu for our little soirée. She helped us select a spread of charcuterie and cheeses, including meats from The Ginger Pig, a farm in North Yorkshire that began 20 years ago with one farmer and three pigs. We had signature gin and tonics, a speciality of theirs, made with Langley’s Gin, distilled in London and handcrafted in small batches. Anna’s husband, Duncan, selects the artwork that decorates the restaurant, again incorporating the local creatives.

Global Creator pop up

With so much priority placed on community, it was easy to feel ourselves part of the local fabric. And this was the very point, the entire drive behind our brand and our mission going into the new year. We believe that with connection comes a sense of being welcomed, and with that level of comfort comes a feeling of belonging that helps anywhere in the world feel like home.

• • • •

This is just the first of what we hope will be many Global Creator pop-ups for 2017. We have grand plans to bring live pop-ups to many cities, all over the world. If there’s somewhere you want us to go next, drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you!

{All photos by Brittany Fabello of Sea of Atlas}

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