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Maker’s Story: Amanda Julca and Krysia Mezger of Lincoln + Lenox

It started almost as if by accident. Both had a desire to be around like-minded people, with a passion for creativity. This brought them to the intersection of Lincoln Road and Lenox Road, to the retail brand who embodies good taste: Anthropologie.

Amanda Julca and Krysia Mezger met while working at the retailer’s Miami Beach location. It was only a short while after meeting that the two struck a chord of common inspiration. Mezger was a designer, with her own fashion label and a few scarves. Julca was a photographer, and had a portfolio full of beautiful blooms from various wedding gigs she had shot over the years. They had the idea to print those original photographs onto silk and cashmere blend scarves, and the first collection for Lincoln + Lenox was born.

silk scarves

It didn’t take long for people to take notice. Mezger would wear hers around town, and everyone was commenting. They decided to expand the line and organized their first official Lincoln + Lenox photo shoot at the Miami Zoo. This second collection featured some of their most popular prints, including the Peacock and Agave scarves.

“We really started for fun,” Julca recalls. The two prefer to take a spontaneous approach, allowing inspiration to strike as it will and being open to wherever that spark may take them. Most recently it took them to Africa, where they wandered the sights and streets of Marrakech for the Morocco collection. This adventure resulted in beauties such as the Bahia Tile Scarf, taken from the tiles at the Bahia Palace, the R’mila Wall Scarf, with its pink and green hues from the walls of that neighborhood, and the Jardin Marjorelle Scarf, featuring a detail from the famous botanical garden once owned by Yves Saint-Laurent.

cashmere scarves

And they have plans to travel to more destinations to shoot more collections. India is near the top of their list, as is Italy or somewhere else in Europe. But they prefer to be more spontaneous about it… check the hotel deals, sort out the best flights, and just go. “It’s always kind of organic how things come about,” Mezger smiles. And we can’t wait to see where this journey takes them next.

• • • •

We love being able to wear a work of art everywhere we go. Take a peak at our whole Lincoln + Lenox collection, and let us know which is your favorite, and which destination you would like to see next!

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