Britt Fabello

Maker’s Story: Britt Fabello, Artist

“Art’s always been a part of me,” she says. Growing up, she was always the kid that could draw, though she was hesitant to truly embrace that natural talent. It was her parents’ urging and support that finally pushed Britt Fabello to pursue a creative path, one that ultimately led her to study studio art and graphic design.

Things became interesting after graduation. “I think I applied to at least a hundred jobs,” Fabello remembers. The feedback she got often stated she was too creative, the agencies she’d applied to thinking that an agency setting would stifle her creativity. So as many in the creative industries do these days, Fabello went freelance.

She found success with this approach, but found that her days were not as filled with inspiration as she would like. “Always deep down I think I knew I was an artist, not a designer,” she recalls. And so she decided to fully pursue that calling.

Britt Fabello

She started her own company, making greeting cards by hand with her own at-home art printer. People began connecting with her style, and understanding her as an artist, which evolved into her being hired for more custom work. She did everything from logos to kids’ t-shirt designs, until it once again her path shifted.

In 2015, Fabello and her husband, Rico, traded the shores of New England to set up a new life across the pond in London. With the move, she sold her art printer, simplified her design offerings, and narrowed in on what it was she really wanted to do. She found that she wanted to move away from producing things for other people, and moved towards creating simply for the sake of creating.

hand illustration

Living in a foreign city provided a wealth of inspiration, and London proved to be a great jumping point from which to explore more of the world. “Traveling was really starting to inspire me and my work,” Fabello explains. Her and Rico make the most of their travels by visiting art museums, seeking out interesting architecture, and taking notice of the different cultural elements and city layouts during their adventures. “You start to absorb a lot, and then you ask what you’re going to do with all that information you’ve absorbed,” she says.

These influences have found their way into the artist’s subject matter, including her city series, which is a collection of original hand drawn illustrations depicting snapshots from European cities the couple has visited.

Current collections are always evolving for Britt, based of of whatever has sparked her interest in that moment. However she moves forward from here, there remains at the core a passion for the handmade, and a dedication to the full exploration of the creative process, wherever that path may take her.

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We absolutely love Britt’s handmade take on some of our favorite cities. Her original illustrations are completely one of a kind, and are sure to add that global touch to any space!

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