Maker’s Story: Sarah Deane of Evermore

It started with a desire to create and grow something she could call her own. “Working for 8 years in London-based head offices was beginning to take its toll on me,” Sarah Deane recalls. She was feeling the pull to work for herself, and manage her own time. So she listened.

Three years ago, in 2013, Deane founded the East London-based fragrance and candle making company Evermore. She had always had a creative side, and after building a career in digital and social content, was keen on getting back into something more hands-on. She began making candles for friends and family, and found that they received an enthusiastic response. It was during this beginning phase, while learning and gaining more knowledge on her chosen craft, that she noticed something.

“I discovered all about the different types of waxes and fragrances that are used in candles and was shocked to find that so many used paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances,” she explains. These elements have a potentially harmful effect on one’s health when burned inside a home, and she wanted to remedy. “I’ve made it my mission to provide safe, clean and honest ingredients in all of our products, from GMO-free and pesticide-free plant-based waxes to organic essential oils and toxin-free fragrances,” Deane says.

soy candles

Evermore now has seven fragrances in the collection, each inspired by nature, the seasons and the skies. Deane aims to have a well-rounded mix of floral, woodsy and warm, often in unique combinations such as lavender and basil or peony and peppermint. Each of her candles are hand-poured in her East London studio, using the highest quality ingredients in keeping with her dedication to making non-harmful products.

And this consciousness holds true for environmental health as well as personal wellness. Emphasis is placed on using ingredients that are sustainably sourced, and avoiding any that would contribute to deforestation, as is the case with palm wax and certain soy waxes. Whether you purchase Evermore candles or not, Deane recommends to always look for candles that are made from plant-based waxes – coconut, soy or rapeseed wax – and that also use essential oils and toxin-free fragrances.

Evermore soy wax candles

Since the start, both her candles and her brand have thrived. She works closely with Post Communication, her fiancé’s design studio, and has participated in a number of collaborations, from being involved with Instagram’s first Christmas market to hosting workshops at the Town Hall Hotel in East London. “It’s also been so great to meet and collaborate with lots of different people who I would never have met otherwise,” Deane smiles. And given the overwhelmingly positive results, it’s safe to say she’s thoroughly enjoying being her own boss.

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Sarah’s beautiful soy wax candles are part of our England Collection, available in larger glass cubes or travel-size tins, perfect for bringing a touch of home on the road!

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