To 2017, a Year of Intentions

The ending of each year brings with it the promise of a new beginning. The possibilities appear limitless, new hopes resting on the horizon with renewed energy behind them. In 2016, we saw the launch of The Global Creator, from idea to concept to actual online platform, and we hope to see those seeds planted grow and blossom in the year ahead.

There’s a popular New Years trend of choosing one word, as a mantra or intention, and focusing only on creating more of that thing in your life for the next 12 months. For us, that word is simple: connection.

We started our brand with the intent to connect like-minded people across the globe. This is woven into the fabric of our very make up, through discovering new creatives in different places, and by fostering our Global Creator community across all of our channels. For 2017, we’ll be focusing even more on creating connection.

Soon we’ll be launching our first destination collection (stay tuned!). We’ll also be launching live pop-up events in locations around the world, with the purpose of turning an online brand into a real life experience. We believe that by putting our energy towards relationships, we can help contribute more towards the things that really matter, and enriching each of our lives as a result. Travel has the power to do this, art and design has the power to do this, and so does community.

There’s plenty to be excited about in 2017, and we certainly hope you’ll join us for the ride.

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