Walking in Paris

Walking in Paris affords the best views. While it may be true that more ground may be covered using the metro, isn’t anyone familiar with that old adage about quality versus quantity? Of course, this depends entirely on the “météo Paris” (weather), there is no more enjoyable way to discover this city than to take a stroll through her streets. There are many Paris walking tours available, but who wants to stick to a schedule? No, my suggestion would be to use one of the self guided tours model, and take a look around for yourself. This way, you can pop into a cafe, stay as long or as short as you want, and soak up the local culture at your own pace.

I recently discovered another Paris aficionado by the name of Carin, a Swedish photographer who is lucky enough to have relocated to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And being a photographer, she is again lucky enough to practice the art of photography in Paris. That photogenic gem, who doesn’t seem to have a bad angle. Through her blog Paris in Four Months she shares her image-based journey through one of the most photographed cities in the world, and successfully captures the essence that makes Paris so unique. I invite you, through Carin’s superb eye, to take a trip through Paris. Whether it be through your imagination of a future trip, or reminiscing on days gone by, I guarantee her photos will make you fall in love with the City of Lights and all her nuances.

Fallen yet? Contemplating booking a ticket soon? Take me with you…

{Images courtesy of Carin Olsson}

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